Drain CCTV Surveys

At one time, the only way to find out what was wrong with a drain was to excavate it and get down there for a look.  But with the creation of drain CCTV surveys, there’s a much less invasive and expensive way to see what’s happening.

The use of special CCTV equipment means we can investigate almost any type of drain and look for problems.  The camera equipment goes into the drain and transmits pictures back to the base unit which we can view.  This gives us an insider view of the drains and makes it much easier to spot a problem.

With tracking features, we know exactly where the camera is in the pipe and this means if the worst happens and we do need to excavate, we have pinpoint accuracy on where we need to be.  That cuts down the work and means we only excavate the smallest possible area to allow access to the problem drain.

It also cuts down the need for excavation by allowing us to know exactly what the problem is.  Sometimes it might seem like a cracked drain but the reality is that someone has dropped something unexpected down the toilet and blocked it!  This kind of thing is common and means that often the job is much less work than people first think.

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