Emergency Call Out

Strathclyde Services provide a plumbing service to clients throughout central Scotland.

There are some situations where the only solution to the problem is to call out an emergency plumber. Having a go yourself is a great thing but when you are talking about the drainage system on your home, it isn’t worth the potential issues – let a professional do it for you!

One of the top reasons for calling out an emergency plumber is a burst pipe. It can be shocking how quickly water can flow from a burst pipe and begin to fill up your home. This causes damage to the property and to your furnishings so the quicker someone comes to deal with the problem, the less damage is caused. Call out the plumber then move as many things away from the leak as possible.

Clogged or blocked drains are another big cause of plumbing problems within the house. Kitchen drains can easily become blocked by grease, fat and oil that goes down the sink while bathroom drains can be blocked by hair or even toilet paper if too much goes down at one time. Special tools will be needed to unblock it.

Frozen pipes can be a big issue in some parts of the country over winter and need careful handling. If water stops flowing and isn’t leaking anywhere, then call a plumber in case the pipes are frozen – simply heating the pipes can lead to a crack or leak.

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First class service - thank you!.

Blocked drain emergency at my house tonight ....these guys came out within 20 minutes and gave a first class service

Fraser McGeechan

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central Scotland