Drain Excavations

Blocked drains happen, regardless of the age of your home.  Sometimes it is due to factors you can control but sometimes not.  Tree root growth is a classic example of the latter category.  You have no idea it is causing a problem until a drain either blocks or leaks.

In many cases, the solutions can be found with the various equipment we use to unblock drains.  But there are situations where something more severe is needed and that’s when we use drain excavations.

This involves digging up the drain to sort the problem because other methods simply can’t handle it.  Tree root growth is an example of this - it can’t simply be pushed away because the drain will need repairing and reinforcing to stop it happening again.

We only excavate if there is no other option because we know it is a messy and expensive process for our customers.  So if we advise this is the only option, you can be confident that we’ve tried everything else and are sure this is the only way to get your drains flowing properly once more.

If you have a drainage problem or are worried about drains not working properly, contact Strathclyde Services today to book a free consultation and we can look a the options.  In many cases, it will never come to a drain excavation but if it does, you can be confident you are in expert hands.



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First class service - thank you!.

Blocked drain emergency at my house tonight ....these guys came out within 20 minutes and gave a first class service

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