Boiler Replacement

Modern boilers have a good lifespan but no matter how well they are maintained, there will come a time when a boiler replacement service is needed.

Part of our package at Strathclyde Services is to offer boiler replacement for our customers.  We can remove old boilers and install new ones, but we can also help you check that the new boiler is the right fit for your needs.

Combi boilers remain the most popular type but don’t always work for larger homes with multiple bathrooms.  However, for smaller homes, a separate boiler and tank system isn’t convenient as there isn’t the space.  We can assess your home’s needs and help find the perfect fit.

We can also look at the other elements of the heating system to see if there needs to be any upgrades here.  You may want more radiators in a room or a new style that better suits the use of the room.  You may need to look at elements running from the boiler such as showers that need hot water.

Our service covers all areas of the heating system as well as connected systems to ensure you have a one-stop shop for all of your boiler replacement needs.

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Blocked drain emergency at my house tonight ....these guys came out within 20 minutes and gave a first class service

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