Boiler Replacement

Despite being built to last and to operate for a number of years, all boilers have a lifespan.  Depending on the type and use, this could be many years.  But whatever the case, there are signs that your boiler is ready for an upgrade.

First sign of the need to replace the boiler is if it is constantly breaking down.  When you use a reputable engineer to service and maintain your boiler, then it should work pretty well.  But as the boiler gets older and more things go wrong, even the best engineer can’t prevent those breakdowns. 

Another sign is that it is getting harder or more expensive to get parts for the boiler.  Most engineers will be able to tell you if the parts are more expensive than they would anticipate, or it is getting harder to even get the parts.  This is a sign that it may be best to replace.

If you notice your energy bills continue to increase despite your use remaining unchanged and you have an older boiler, this could be the culprit.  Over time, a boiler becomes less energy efficient and this can impact your energy bills.  A good engineer can look at this and give you an idea of the boiler’s current situation.

Whatever the case if you are interested in a boiler replacement or a check to see if yours is still in good condition, contact Strathclyde Services today.



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