Radiator Installation

Radiators are often the best way to get heat to the rooms of our house.  But if you need a new radiation installation or upgrades to your existing system, you definitely want a professional on hand as the job can be trickier than you would expect.

We offer radiator installation services to the local area and can add new radiators as well as upgrade or repair existing ones.  If you are unsure if you need to have a radiator replaced, we can carry out a survey to see what condition it is in and also look at the wall it is attached to – are there any signs of weaknesses that might cause problems?

If there is the need to replace the radiator, we can look at the options.  The simplest way is to choose a new radiator with the same pipe centres as your old ones as this avoids the need for new valves.  If this isn’t possible, then we will look at what is needed to accommodate the new radiator.

Changing a radiator involves emptying it and this is why it is important to have an expert.  There’s a lot of chances that the process becomes messy and water can spill if it isn’t done properly.  By having a plumber handle it, you have a far lower chance of any additional mess or damage to the home.



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