Bathroom Suite Replacement

There comes a time with every bathroom where a replacement suite is needed.  You can replace part of the suite to cut down the cost, but this leads to the risk of not being able to get matching pieces if ranges are no longer available.

That’s why people usually go for full bathroom suite replacement as a single job.  That way, you can get the entire suite changed in one time, with the disruption limited to that short period.  Plus, you ensure you can get the whole suite matching and if a range is discontinued, there’s no problem.

Here at Strathclyde Services, we offer a full bathroom suite replacement service as well as replacing individual elements if needed.  We can remove your old bathroom, install the new one and also handle other jobs such as tiling, plastering and sorting all plumbing issues relating to it.

If your bathroom is starting to look its age or you have noticed cracks or other problems, then contact us today to chat about your needs.  We can give a personalised quote for your bathroom project, whether that is a full replacement or simply a single job such as changing the toilet or upgrading the shower.



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First class service - thank you!.

Blocked drain emergency at my house tonight ....these guys came out within 20 minutes and gave a first class service

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