Saniflo Installation

Saniflo is a clever system that makes something which might have seemed impossible, possible.  It allows you to add a toilet to a range of awkward spots in your home where there isn’t access to the main outflow pipe.  Saniflo installation means you can have that laundry room or under stairs toilet with the use of this clever system.

The Saniflo process comes in two parts.  The first is the use of macerating technology – this just means to soften and churn something up.  We macerate when we chew food!  But in this case, the toilet does the work of macerating the waste.  Waste from the toilet goes into the special unit where it is macerated until the solids are made into liquids. 

Then the second part of the process is the pumping system.  Through as little as a 1-inch pipe, the system can pump out the liquid waste for five metres or horizontals for up to 50 metres minimum.  It also has an anti-backflow system, so the waste doesn’t come back. 

This clears the toilet with a single flush and without you needing to do anything extra.  So if you have an awkward spot you would like to use for a toilet and need Saniflo installation, contact Strathclyde Services for a quote.



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