Washing Machine Installation

Washing machine installation is one of those jobs that looks very simple but can go badly wrong if it is done incorrectly.  That's why it is always best to have a qualified plumber look at the job for you when.

When you get a new washing machine, the first job is to safely remove the old one.  This involves disconnecting the draining pipe, making sure there is no water left in the machine and disconnecting any water supply.

At this point, it can be helpful to get rid of all excess packaging from your new machine.  This will make things much easier when you come to manually move it into position.

Another reason for having a professional install the machine? The answer lies with the electrical connection of your washing machine. If something goes wrong during installation, it can cause serious damage to your new device and even cause problems with the home electrics.

Washing machine installation professionals will also know where the drainage pipes need to be positioned for efficient installation.  The wastewater needs to drain away from any other running water in your home.

The best Washing machine installation professionals will also be able to install it in a way that protects it from any excess vibration.  This is very important if the machine has electronic controls or other delicate mechanisms inside. By protecting these components during installation, you will ensure that the washer has a much longer working life.

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