Blocked Sinks, Toilet, Bath or Shower Tray

Most people think of the kitchen sink when they think about blocked drains because this is the most common area for a problem.  But we are often called out to blocked sinks, toilet, bath or shower tray drains as well because all of these can have problems.

One of the most common issues with the bath or shower tray is hair.  This can snag on any debris in the pipe and build up until there’s a blockage that causes some tricky problems.  Namely that bath or shower water doesn’t drain away and can even lead to a flood, especially with shower trays that aren’t as deep as a bath.

Sinks can also experience blockages with hair and other debris regular washing down them.  While they might not block as commonly as kitchen sinks because there’s no food waste going down them, it is still possible.

Perhaps the biggest dread for anyone is a blocked toilet.  Some things you never want spilling out into the room!  But toilets have a complex pipe system that can become blocked, especially if the wrong things have been flushed.  Kids toys are one of the frequent culprits, as are things like kitchen towel or face wipes that people flush by mistake.

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