Drain Testing

Drain testing is a series of processes used to test and check how well drains as working.  There are a few ways that drains can be tested and we always work through the ones needed.

One example is an air test.  This is often used for single pipes or individual drains and works great if the drain is capped at both ends. It uses a pressure gauge to look for leaks or weaknesses in the pipes.

Another is the water drop test and this works on full systems including chambers and gullies.  It does take more time but ensures no part of the system remains unchecked.  It involves using a bung in one end of the drain then filling it with water.  If there’s a drop in water levels, then there’s a leak or weak spot somewhere.

We also use CCTV to check drains so if the tests show there may be something wrong, we can use this equipment to investigate further.  We only ever excavate as a last resort, when all other steps have failed to sort the problem.

If you need your drains testing or simply want to know that everything is operating as it should be, contact Stratthclyde Services today to book a free quote and let us see what kind of testing is needed for the drains around your property.




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