White Goods Installation

White goods installations are one of those services that you only need occasionally but is very important if you are buying new items for your kitchen.  That’s because some of them are quite complicated to install and with others, you want to be certain they are functioning properly before you use them.

‘White goods’ is classified as the dishwasher, fridge and freezer, cooker and hob, washing machine and other clothes cleaning appliances.  It can also extend to things like a water heater or garbage disposal unit and in some cases, an air conditioning system may come under this, although that is often separate.

With a service to install your white goods, you can have the engineer arrive at the time of delivery or after it and install the items for you.  Sometimes this is offered from the shop you buy the items from but this can be expensive.  The other option is to come to an expert like Strathclyde Services and let us do it for you.

We offer a range of white goods installations and can also help if you are having a full kitchen refit and need multiple items installed at the same time.  We work across the area and are also Gas Safe qualified so can install gas hobs, cookers or other appliances.

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